Nurse Visiting Senior Female Patient At Home

Skilled Nursing

Our registered nurses work with the physician to administer skilled nursing to patients requiring intermittent professional nursing services in their homes. They teach and supervise the family and other members of the nursing team. All nursing services are performed in accordance with physician’s orders, an individualized care plan and under the direction and supervision of our Director of Nursing.

Catheter Care
Wound Care/Dressing
IV Therapy
Tube Feedings/Care
Ostomy Care and Teaching
Diabetic Care and Education

Physical Therapy

Our licensed physical therapists are concerned with helping patients to increase strength and flexibility, especially after they have been injured or as their health deteriorates. They help in the remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention.

Walk Training and Exercises
Rehabilitation Techniques
Home Exercise Program
Symptom Control Education

Treatment. Cropped image of male patient lying down with female physiotherapist performing some stretch exercises on mans leg
grandmother cooking in the kitchen

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help patients perform a variety of tasks in working and living environments. Patients include those who suffer from a disabling condition. Therapists develop or recover the basic skills they may have lost due to a mental, emotional, developmental, or physical disability. The occupational therapist works under the supervision of the primary physician and the Director of Nursing.

Activities of Daily Living Training
Perpetual Motor Training
Fine Motor Training
Adaptive Equipment

Speech Therapy

Our certified speech therapists provide skilled intervention and techniques for communication and swallowing disorders. In coordination with the patient’s physician, our speech therapist will assist the patient with compensatory techniques for Memory, Communication, and Swallowing.

Voice Disorder Treatments
Speech Articulation
Dysphasia Treatments
Language Disorders

A senior couple speaking with a marriage counselor.  Could also be a salesman in their home.  Isolated on white with focus on couple.

Medical Social Work

Our medical social worker (MSW) assesses the social and emotional factors of the patient and family in the home in order to estimate the patient’s capacity or potential to cope with problems of daily living as it relates to the physician’s plan of care. The MSW supports the patient and family to understand the medical recommendations being presented to them. They also utilize available community resources to assist patients to resume life in the community or to learn to live within his/her disability.

Social and Emotional Factors
Community Resource Planning
Short Term Therapy

Homemaking & Personal Care

Provides services for the client on a non-medical level, so that they are able to avoid institutionalization and better maintain their functional level, increasing the client’s independence. Services are based on a professional care plan and can range from medication reminders to full-assist including bathing, mouth care, clothing preparation/dressing, skin, hair and nail care, bowl and bladder assistance, mobility assistance, household or outdoor care, medical supplies or errands.

Personal Hygiene
Bathing, Shaving, Hair Care
Assistance with Exercise
Preparation of Meals
Light Housekeeping
Supervised by Registered Nurse
Accompanying clients to clinics, physician’s office or on
trips needed for treatment

nurse or helper in residential home giving food to old senior man

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